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Solid Professional Advice

TwInsight offers professional advice to companies with an emphasis on future-oriented entrepreneurship.

Impact Analysis and Change Readiness  

Permanently accelerating internal and external changes put a lot of pressure on the sustainability of a business and the people who work there. TwInsight investigates the impact of these trends, and determines the future proof level and the degree of change readiness.

A report with recommendations is only as good as its practical feasibility: TwInsight not only analyzes but also provides testing and substantiates your action plan.

Solutions and renewed business models 

The Proof of the pudding is always in the eating: TwInsight makes the leap from ‘thinking and dreaming’ to ‘doing’, supervises the implementation of solutions and / or strategies from the innovative business model. We inspire and challenge, we confront and steer. Our action orientation strengthens your enthusiasm and drive. This gives your organization and your employees new oxygen, and leads to more success.

Entrepreneurship with Social Responsibility and Inclusion

‘Working’ is socially one of the cornerstones of our society, which is not for everyone. When we supplement the traditional view of jobs and people with the principles of inclusion and customization, special opportunities and additional opportunities open up to realize more business with more people at work, as well as the more difficult to deploy. TwInsight is your ideal partner with her extensive expertise.

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